Wednesday, October 31, 2007

E-The best day!

Halloween is a pretty popular time of year around our house. In fact, from a kid's perspective it might just be the best holiday going. They get to dress up, even during school, go around all day in some mini fantasy world, and then hang out all night with their friends as they run from door to door collecting their favourite thing in the world......candy. No Thank You cards to worry about or ugly sweaters they have to pretend to like. No, this is all about candy.

And our kids got plenty of it. I took Finny and Luc on errands today while Les helped out at Molly's class. The only place we went that didn't give out candy was Air Care. At the bank, insurance office and drugstore, there was plenty of candy to be had. Molly came home from school where she was dressed as a Pegasus, with plenty of treats as well. And the real gorging hadn't even started.

We did some last minute pumpkin carving after school and then got in costumes. The Co-op is a great place to trick or has a really great feel when all the kids and community are out together. There was a pretty good haul of loot here and another good haul when I dropped the kids and Les off at their grandparents before heading to work.

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