Friday, September 3, 2010

E- do we really get wiser with age?

Before taking off on a labour day road trip, I had lots to clean up at Point Roberts. While I was cutting the lawn for the last time of the year, Luke really wanted to play, so he kept kicking a little soccer ball at me, or even more effectively, in front of the lawn mower. In typical multi- tasking parent mode, I kept on mowing and also tried to kick the ball back when it was within reach.

Luke really seemed to be having fun, so I asked him if he wanted to play soccer next year. He got this look on his face that let me know how silly he thought I was and said "let's play soccer NOW Daddy!". It was the perfect example of the different world that kids and adults live in.....the chore finishing, long range planning father talking to a child who is just living in the moment.......kind of makes you wonder who has it all figured out.

Here's Luke on the Wenatchee river in Levenworth. Apparently it's going to be in the 30's today and the tubing is excellent here. I think I've got another's going to be tough to stop.

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