Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rootbeer floats for everyone...!

Anyone who knows us knows that we like a good deal.

On thing we have discovered in out travels is It is a website that allows you to purchase gift certificates to specific restaurants at super discounted rates. We have used them in Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona. Usually, they work like this: you pay $2 for a $25 gift certificate that you can use on a bill of $35 or more. Well, tonight we are in Chelan, Washington so I checked in at our trusty old website to see if there were any local establishments we could try. Sure enough, a place called the Apple Cup was listed but the only deal available was a $50 certificate for $6, but your total bill had to be over $100.
Probably, I should have realized that it wasn't going to work all that well for us, but I figured that if we ordered a few beers and maybe an appetizer or dessert, we could make it to $100.
What I didn't realize is that The Apple Cup is pretty much dirt cheap. We were,'very uncharacteristically, forced to embark on a spending spree to get our precious discount. We had to order like maniacs.
We started with a round of rootbeer floats for the kids. They must have been wondering at that point what was up with us. We ordered two huge appetizers, adult entered for the kids,'never-ending beers for us and the most expensive entrees available on the menu.
Then we checked in with our server...the total up to that point was $74.
Okay...we were stuffed. No choice but to order desserts. Four of them.
Apple crisp, blackberry pie, mango cheesecake and creamsicle cheesecake. More beers.
In the end,'we got to $101.60. We added tax and tip. In the end, our bargain dinner cost us $86 in a restaurant that was one of the cheapest I have been to in ages. We could have been in and out of there for $50, easy.
We laughed the whole dinner long. Eric's comment at the end was that it might be even more costly in the end when the kids wonder why every meal in the future isn't the gluttonous orgy that was tonight.
When we were done,'we had to take a mile long walk on the river to walk it off a little bit.
But hey, what a deal!

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