Monday, September 20, 2010

E- Playland

The upside of promising to take Finny to Playland for her birthday was that she got to look forward to it all summer.....the downside was having to answer "when are we going to Playland Daddy?" about 25 times over the last couple of months.  Saturday was finally the day and the weather cooperated nicely. 

Finny is at the perfect age for fact we might have been in trouble if we came on her real birthday 3 months ago because she is now just barely tall enough to go on all the 48" rides.  Fin was also the perfect cross-over kid, young enough to go on every kid ride but adventurous enough to do all the big rides too.  She was happy to go round and round on Dumbo and then willingly convinced that she really would like the Hellevator...I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to win this argument.  Kiddie train...then the corkscrew...ride a bunny carousel...then the big wooden coaster.  Finny was a great companion and never minded that I didn't want to fold my legs into cramped kiddie ride or really "encouraged" her to try every ride at least once.  Thanks for a great day Fin..

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