Friday, April 11, 2014

Hockey celebration etc.

A typical day in our house equals a maniacal juggle of overlapping activities. With Eric away in LA, this mama is flying solo. A bit of help getting Finny to running. 

Then, dropped Molly off at my parents' (her happy place). She has been felting like crazy. Her creations are so her...charming and whimsical. 

Then I took Lukey to his hockey party. This is him lately:

All goalie, all day (I'm not kidding). 

I has to leave the hockey banquet to pick up Finny. I bolted out to Saint George's to grab her at 7. Which would have been great of she'd been there...instead of where she really was...Point Grey. 

A quick semi-panicked phone call to ensure she wouldn't be left all alone, I made stellar time over to PG and wasn't even late (practice has gone a little over). 

Back to the Arbutus Club. There were many cupcakes eaten, a lot of bouncy castle stuff. And these:

They had a characture artist, which was so much fun. 

We left at 8:30...grabbed Molly. Drove home, reheated some pizza from after school. Bed. 

Another normal day. 

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