Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Bird Girl

Oh, the drama. 

After enjoying a great theatre program in the fall, Molly auditioned for a part in a musical the same group was mounting in the spring...Seussical the Musical. She got a part: Bird Girl.

Rehearsals were two or three times a week between January and the middle of March. None of us had seen much, or heard Molly practicing, so we weren't too sure what to expect at the performances. 

Molly had a HUGE fan club assembled to watch her sing and dance her little heart out: Me, Eric, Finny, Lukey, Gram, Grandad, Omi, Aunt Betsy, Uncle David, Poppa, Barb, Uncie, Julie, Mandy and Hannah. Not bad. 

Luckily, the show was amazing. The performances were at the Norman Rothstein Theatre at the JCC and everything about the production was impressive. They treated the kids like professionals, complete with a bio board outside and beautiful colour programs. They took head shots of all the kids and the costumes and production value were incredible. 

Our Bird is second from the left

Far left this time

Sing it, girl!
Molly was so proud of herself and with good reason. She worked hard and memorized a lot of songs and choreography. She looked beautiful on stage. Her lovely personality sparkled.

Molly's bio on the board...great picture of her!

The gorgeous flowers she received from Julie and Uncie...on her dresser where she could see them from bed

I got so much joy from theatre and I think Molly has the bug, too. Hopefully, Seussical is the first of many productions we get to enjoy with our girl.

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