Monday, February 12, 2007

me making work for myself...

Saturday Eric was home from work. The whole day was free. What do you do? Relax? Veg out? Push the husband and kids out the door to nurse the plague that befell me on Wednesday (no kidding...I'm not much of a whiner but holy crow, having the flu really does suck. I always secretly figured flu-shot takers were wussy people. I mean, deal with it you hot house flowers. But I might be coming around. Might be. No, not quite. They are wussy. Suck it up.).

Anyway, instead of taking a wise and self-preservational course of immune boosting, I decided to play the hero. I let Eric sleep since he was coming off two night shifts. I took the three kids to the Arbutus Club for open gym. I watched Molly and Finny torque around a gym in Little Tyke cars. Bizarrely, their favourite activity is playing drive thru. They come up to me in a line and order fast food. I take their money and pretend to misunderstand their orders: "Two ostrich burgers, hold the mustard but extra bird poop, two sewage salads with fecal dressing and one mucas shake...(cue childish laughter)...what do you mean you just wanted fries? That will be twenty five gabagillion dollars please..." This is good for endless fun.

Once the drive thru closed due to a devastating e coli infestation (or the playgroup was finished and we had to leave...whatever), Eric met us to take the girls skating. We took a couple of spins around the rink. It took about twice as long to get them outfitted for skating as they actually spent on the ice. Have you ever tried to get gloves on a two year old? No sooner do you wrangle in the pointer finger than the the ring finger has slipped back in with the, is that ever annoying!

Then, a bite to eat. Then the girls and Eric went swimming while Lukey and I kept our germs to ourselves over coffee. And, because it was a beautiful, mild Vancouver day, we threw in a quick walk on the beach for good measure. And it was only 3:30.

Today I started painting our downstairs bathroom. I want it to be red and the lady at Home Depot said to expect six coats of paint. I have done two. So far, it doesn't look good. Anyone have any words of wisdom?

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