Thursday, February 8, 2007

The real deal

An example of a bad picture and an ok to you get three people looking so bad at the same time?

It's official. I am now the real mother of three small people. Why do I make this sudden statement now, more than two months after Lucas was born? At first there is some novelty. It seems like a big deal to take the new baby anywhere, even up a flight of stairs ("Oh Lucas, only your eighth time up stairs...who's going upstairs? What a big stair guy, going up the stairs...", you get the idea). Then you make a few tentative forays into the public world, maybe in stages with various combinations of kids.

Then, one day you realize that the testing stage is over. No more excuses that you have a new baby. No more denying that toting three kids around everywhere is your new life. In short, reality.

Having said that, reality is pretty great. Yesterday, the four of us (Eric was working) hit the road in the morning and came home right before dinner. We took Lukey to the doctor, where they continue to chart his porcine growth with interest. Then it was off to a family-friendly screening of "Happy Feet" at the Ridge Theatre. Despite some initial misgivings about the wisdom of taking three kids under five to a two+ hour movie (picture this: ten minutes in, Finny turns to me and says, "This is a long, long, long, long, long show. Me no watch. Me go Gram's house now". She ended up being great for the long haul even though the look on my face at that moment must have been hilarious...), everyone had a good time. With the possibly exception of me. I won't review the movie here, but suffice to say I have some issues with the message of a pretty bizarre film.

So, in summary: three kids = good. Especially when you have three good kids.

In other news, Eric's embarkation into the world of skates and sticks has been pretty successful. Last night the god of hockey smiled as he allowed Eric to score four goals in a row at his game last night. Not bad for the rookie. They lost the game 7-5. However, his teammates initial delight at his achievement turned to ridicule when he failed to celebrate post-game by turning himself into a beer soaked puddle. Sidenote: it's funny how people indulge in alcohol after sports do well, then you kill enough brain cells to ensure that the same feat will be more difficult to duplicate. Hmmmm.

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