Tuesday, February 6, 2007

organic veggies galore!

What is better than fresh, organic fruit and veggies delivered directly to your door?

Alright, there are quite a few things better...a lot actually, but this is very nice.

Every two weeks we get a Rubbermaid bin filled with fruit and veg dropped off on our front porch. It is like going out on your farm and collecting all the bounty of the earth, fresh and glistening from the fields. Except your farm would have to be spread out between here and Mexico...and it would take a long time to harvest all these things anyway. Not that I could grow them considering I kill houseplants (seriously, Home Depot guarantees their plants for a year, no matter what kills them...they wish I had never darkened their door). Okay, so it really is less of a pastoral farm experience and more like tupperware on my porch, but it does feel good to have so many green things in my house.

I went to visit little Hannah again tonight and took over a pot of chili to fortify the parents of our new niece. She is just as cute as I remember. Tomorrow, the girls and Luke and I are going to an all-family screening of Happy Feet. The Ridge theatre opens to families with kids and has a special showing where no one can complain about errant child-noise disturbing the movie. Can you imagine an event more horrifying to non-parent people? I sure cannot. Wouldn't want to wander into that nightmare by mistake.

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