Sunday, February 25, 2007

So, I guess the plague is contagious

I learned two new things about the flu this last week.
1. It is contagious. I guess I knew that but our house has been like a mini science experiment and we are all contaminated petri dishes.
2. The flu does different things to different people.

I learned three things about my children.

1. Finny gets ear infections. She gets this from my brother who routinely went down with ear infections as a child. Oh boy, did he ever cry like a baby (to be fair, he was a baby...)
2. Molly is a puker. She gets this from me. I have always been great friends with Ralph. I sat her down and let her know where this beautiful genetic gift came from. I taught her the lessons of The Puker. The negative part of this vomitous predisposition is that you will spend a lot of time puking (that seems obvious). The benefit is that you become so inured to it that you become that seemingly impossible thing: the graceful puker. That's right. Instead of freaking out or crying, I (and soon Molly too) can just lean over, sweep my hair out of the way and technicolour yawn like nobody's business. I then delicately wipe my face and help myself to another burrito. This skill comes in handy during the university years, although I didn't impart that to Molly just yet...
3. Lukey is a trooper. His inability to breathe through his nose finally made him upset, but only when it got the point of panic when he couldn't really draw a breath. I had him at Children's hospital on Friday on the advice of our family doctor. They were also impressed with his friendly disposition, particularly given his level of discomfort. He almost broke the nurse's heart when he smiled up at her right before she suctioned his nose. FYI, that looks like an uncomfortable procedure.

Eric has also semi-succumbed to the bug but I keep telling him that he hasn't seen the half of it yet. It's a fun game because every time he complains, I roll my eyes and tell him he had better enjoy this stage because it gets worse before it gets better. I love the stricken expression he rewards me with each time I say it. I however, am on the mend. There's a little glimmer of hope for those of you coming down with the flu...a quick three weeks and you'll be right back in the game.

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