Saturday, February 17, 2007

E- Recycling on a whole different scale!

Posts written by Eric will have an "E" in the title...

This is a picture that Colin Jones, a friend who I work with, took of Vancouver. The original photo, in high resolution, is one of the best I have seen of the city.

Speaking of this beautiful city, we seem to have a number of friends who are thinking of moving away to the quiet of the Gulf Islands or the Sunshine Coast. One of the draw -backs is the cost of trying to build in such remote locations. This company,Nickel Brothers , that our neighbour works for has a unique solution to this problem that is a great example of a win-win-win situation. They take old houses otherwise slated for demolition, put them on a flatbed before shipping them by barge to the final destination. The owner of the original home owner is happy because he has saved on demolition costs. The new owner gets a perfectly good house for as little as $30,000, a fraction of what it would cost to build in these locations. The company makes some good money, all the while saving tons of materials from the landfill.

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