Tuesday, December 11, 2007

E-"Can't we do something fun?"

The Christmas season is in full swing. I have done some of my online Christmas shopping , while at work tonight....spending money while I am making money.....I think I am about even for the shift so far. We have had a couple of events already, with plenty more to come. This picture is from Les' work party at Echo Memoirs, where the kids met Santa and I feasted on Nanaimo bars. Last night the kids ran into Santa again, this time on "Winter Pond", an ice rink decorated to look like a quaint pond that could be found in a natural state pretty much anywhere else in Canada. However, here in Lotus land the atmosphere is faked..... but the cookies and hot chocolate were real. So was Finny's terror at having 50 other people on the ice....at least a half dozen of whom were young, out of control boys hyped up on sugar and bravado. She longed for quiet, well lit ice that she has grown accustomed to skating on.

This weekend we have 2 Christmas cookie baking parties and my work party. Next week we have a couple of more events. Also, Molly has a school party where more gifts are exchanged and more treats consumed. It can be fun and great excuse to see people but it can also be a bit too much of a good thing. As I picked Molly up from school today she said "what are we doing today Daddy?". When I told her we were just going home she gave me a puzzled look. "Yeah, but what fun thing are we going to do? Aren't we going to a party or to someone's house or something fun?"

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