Friday, December 21, 2007

We're solstice people...

Both Finny and I are solstice connected...she is born on the longest day of the year and I appeared on the shortest. Tonight we participated in the Solstice Lantern Festival at Granville Island. The Secret Lantern Society artistic director lives in our co-op, so we had our own lantern making party earlier in the week. The lowliest of juice containers were magically transformed into glowing light boxes with the aid of a push pin and some adult supervision (alright, let's face it...Eric and I pretty much made them). This evening, the kids and I braved the elements to bear witness to Morrismen and fire dancers in a tribute to the pagan rituals of the ancient solstice. That's was a Tetra Pak tribute. And to top off the awkward mix of celebration, we capped the evening off with sushi. So, while Finny's long day is spent every year at the beach with shorts, sunscreen and frozen drink boxes to keep the cooler items chilled, my short day is ushered in with some fleece, freezing rain and drink box tea light's the difference of six months and twenty degrees. Good on you, my little solstice buddy.

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