Friday, December 14, 2007

A big congratulations to Les, who received a nice cheque and had her story published in today's Vancouver Courier. The only stipulation for the contest, for which she won first place, was that the story contain 2,500 words and the sentences "From Kerrisdale to Cedar Cottage, Shirley's name was on everyone's lips. She had even been featured in the Courier's 100th Anniversary addition." Les'story, about a fictional character, took place amongst the real life setting and politics of my work site on the tunnel boring operation. (If you work for Seli Canada, disregard this previous sentence.) In a very short space Les was able to construct an entertaining story about a pretty implausible event.

In the hard copy of the paper, there is a short bio on Les. They say she is a former engineering student. Anyone who was in Grade 11 math with Les would probably find this less plausible than the story itself.

To see Les' story, get the Vancouver Courier from December 14th or click here THIS LINK SEEMS TO BE MISSING AND I CAN NO LONGER FIND THE ARTICLE ONLINE. I WILL PUT UP A NEW LINK WHEN I FIND IT

So how does a working mother celebrate? By decorating cookies with young kids of course. What could be more fun than hanging out with kids hyped up on icing and sprinkles?

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