Sunday, December 16, 2007

E- Scary stuff

I can see why people without kids can be intimidated by the thought of procreating....well, not the act itself but the end result anyways. You hear stories of parents just happy to get a rare moment to themselves... a moment of quiet that is so easy to get before children come along. However, as a parent about to write about such a moment, I feel it's important to disclose that, while these moments are fairly rare and definitely enjoyed, they are not any better or more appreciated than those times that the house is full of kids and laughter and noise. They are just different.....and because they are rare, they are especially appreciated.

My Mom had the girls over night and Lucas spent a couple of hours at the McKnight's, freeing us up to go to the Christmas party at my work. When that plan fell through, we had a night to ourselves. Nobody to look after! We went for a soak in the Arbutus Club whirlpool for half an hour and then watched the Canucks game, had a couple of beers and ate dinner in the lounge. A night out together like this was common place for us in Europe and is now a special event that needs to be coordinated ahead of time. That might sound scary to non-parents....but I can honestly say I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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