Thursday, December 20, 2007

E-Winter. Will that be credit, cash or debit?

Apparently Grouse Mountain's "Peak of Christmas" marketing campaign worked on us. Somehow they managed to convince us to spend a couple of hours finding boots, hats, gloves, jackets, pants, and across town....wrestle all this stuff on to the kids.....line up for a tram to take us from the pleasant +8 degree afternoon to the -2 degree Alpine air and to spend $70 for the privilege. The "why are we doing this?" point of the day happened in the parking lot. Firstly, Molly, who we dressed first, sat on the ground while she was waiting for us. She was so puffy in all her layers that she couldn't stand up. When we did finally get going, Finny almost lost it on the 500 meter walk to the tram. Apparently our kids aren't used to walking up steep hills with heavy boots and multiple layers of clothing.

Things quickly got better however, as the excitement of the tram ride and the snowy hill side captivated their attention. Upon reaching the peak, the sun was out and there was about 15 centimeters of fresh snow on the ground. The rest of the afternoon pretty much followed the script of the ads....we went on the sled ride, hung out with reindeer, saw Santa at his workshop, skated on the pond, went sledding down a hill, saw Charlie Brown's Christmas in the theater and had fries and hot chocolate while watching a pretty spectacular sunset in the cafeteria.

Despite the early moments of doubt, the trip was definitely worth the effort. Finny and Lucas slept soundly the whole drive home. Molly, the ever polite girl (sometimes too much- she has been known to apologize for apologizing too much), said "Thank you guys for taking us. I loved going up the mountain."

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