Friday, March 14, 2008

Ding Dong...Land Shark

For those of you confused by the title, I apologize. It refers to an old SNL skit that involved a vicious man-eating Land Shark terrorizing an apartment building, door to door. I still laugh about once a month about the Land Shark...Hmmm, I just did a search through YouTube to link to a video and I didn't find anything. Maybe this is a more arcane reference than I thought...

Anyway. The opposite of a man-eating Land Shark at your door must be two girls wielding not sharp teeth, but Happy Spring cards.
We decided this afternoon, in a fit of craftiness, to carpet the co-op in the good tidings of spring. The girls made gazillions of little yellow chicks by pressing their thumbs into yellow paint. My inspiration came from this great art idea site. We stuck the chicks onto cards and schlepped them around everywhere. I gave the girls lululemon bags and told them they were mail girls.

They took to their new roles with gusto. I couldn't even get them to walk. They sprinted all over, spreading the joy.
Their fervor made me reflect on the term "going postal".
Tonight though, after a day packed with sportball and skiing, Finny was tuckered out. As I was making dinner (a very tasty ropa vieja from Cooking Light magazine), Finny came into the kitchen every thirty seconds on a conveyor belt of complaints. What was for dinner? Could she eat something now? It looked like soup, was it soup? If it was soup (I probably told her ten times it wasn't), were there carrots? Could there be carrots next time? Was it ok if she waited until next time to eat it? Oh, and since she wouldn't be eating dinner because of the carrot issue, could she just have a granola bar and then dessert? But not the yucky granola bars...

Here are some pictures of the car, now in for repair from the crash.


Liz said...

Hi, It's your swap partner here. I just wanted to make sure you got my email. Thanks, Liz

MegandMag said...

Hi, This is Meg and Mag, we sent out a group reminder email. The email address we have for you failed. Can you please email our gmail account and let us know you are OK and getting everything.

Travis said...

I'm only a dolphin, ma'am.