Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Proud Family

WARNING: Heartfelt and sentimental declaration below...if you are allergic to sincerity and/or cheesy-ness, skip the following post

Thanks to the good news we got at the end of last week, there has been a lot levity, planning and happiness around here this weekend. Despite having been home from Europe for the last two and a half years, news of Eric being hired feels like it truly settles us and propels us into a new stage of our lives here. And that feels great. The hardest part of the "waiting game" has been the uncertainty of not knowing how things would turn out in the end; whether all that patience would result in a job, or maybe at some point a difficult reevaluation would have to take place and the two+ years of hard work would be chalked up to life-experience.

No doubt, there will be a time in our lives when this lengthy period of questioning will be such a distant memory that it'll be hard to remember how this feels right now. Note to my future self:

I don't ever want to forget how proud I am of Eric for his hard-work, determination and focus. These are qualities that I have known about and cherished for as long as I have known him, but you can't ever take these incredible strengths for granted. Eric never lets go of a goal and I feel extremely indebted to him for his constant and unswerving perseverance in all areas of our lives, including (but definitely not limited to) his pursuit of this job.

The kids and I are incredibly fortunate to share in the many benefits that come from having Eric as the anchor of our family. His strength of character, integrity, honour and work ethic are all things that will make him an amazing firefighter. And most importantly, they are also a but a few of the innumerable qualities that make him the very best husband and father I could ever have imagined for us.

Eric, we sure love you and we just could not be prouder.

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Anonymous said...

From our hearts CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I understand the waiting process, it is tough!(Kevin is training for Air Traffic Control) You all look wonderful and Happy:) I've heard getting into fire fighting is a really tough road, so well done ALL!
Also I loved your flower pics from the other day. I meant to write it but didn't quite get there.