Sunday, January 24, 2010

Build a Bear confidence

Molly had a birthday party today at Build-a-Bear.

Eleven little girls trooped through the store, choosing their animals and stuffing them with fluff. At the end, the store guide brought out a huge bin of ribbons that the girls could put all over their new toys. As I chatted with the other moms, one of Molly's friends brought by her puppy, adorned head to toe with bows. There were matching pairs on the ears, wrists and ankles of the dog. A little gaudy, but cute.

Molly came running over with her bear, packed up inside a box. She opened up her "cub condo" (yes, seriously) and pulled out her...totally plain bear. I was a bit surprised. I thought maybe in the scrum of girls, Molly had given up on the ribbons. I asked her about it. Her answer caught my breath. She told me that she thought her bear looked best "exactly the way he is, just by himself."

She snuggled him tightly and tucked him back in his "condo" (!). She was happy. So was I.

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