Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chop chop Birmingham awaits

We got an early start on the day yesterday and I was on the surgical
table by 8 am. Because the doctor decidedng to go with an epidural and
sedative combination, I wasn't completely out during the proceedure. I
have a strong memory of waking up to loud banging as the prosthesis
was being hammered in. The Dr later told us that I had the hardest
femur he ever had to drive the cap and spike into, which helps to
explain why the banging was loud enough to wake me out of my stupor.
Although this may sound horrible, between the effects of sedation and
spinal freezing I was quite indifferent about what was being done to
me at that point. And as a bonus, coming out of surgery I was without
nausea, dizziness or that strong feeling of disorientation that seems
to come with a general anaesthetic.

In fact I felt great at first. Howver before long I started to get
really tired and heavy. Beause of blood loss during the surgery and
the wound continuing to bleed afterwards, my blood pressure (66/35)
and hemoglobin (73) were really low which created a surreal experience
a bit like being in one of those dreams where you just can't seem to
move or do anything other than in slow motion. It also felt a bit like
being drunk in that I don't think I processed my memories in a normal
way. It is all a bit of a blur today.

However the one thing I can clearly remember is how supportive Les was
through the whole process and how much it meant to have her with me
the whole time. Having those you love arond you in a time like this
makes such a difference and I am really grateful to her and all of
those who offerred their support.

I am already feeling much better today. I was given permission to full
weight bear, meaning the surgeon is happy with how the surgery went.
There is still lots of swelling and tightness however, making it quite
difficult for me to assess what my new hip actually feels like. I
managed to walk with a walker to the end of the hall and go to the
toilet on my own......all of a sudden big achievements in my world.
As I am feeling better I am hopeful and a little bit nervous that
everything is on track for a full recovery

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