Wednesday, January 27, 2010

E- The sun will come out tomorrow.

It's been two weeks since the surgery, I have been home for one, I have all 40 staples
out and seem to be healing well. My apologies for the
picture but I don't have anything like the usual shots of the kids
playing in the sunshine at this time. In fact, there hasn't been
anything sunny for me as of late......just lots of sitting around
waiting for time to do its course of healing.

I shouldn't complain because I have been well taken care of by my
lovely wife and the kids have been really trying to help out too.
However, staying in bed and barely moving for two weeks is a new
challenging experience for me. I have been physically active my whole
life and have always taken a lot of pleasure and identity from that,
so it's not really a big surprise that I miss being able to exercise.
What I wouldn't have guessed is how much complete physical inactivity
seeps into the colouring of my world at a subconcsious level that I
can't control. Consciously everything is great. I have more than
enough to keep me mentally stimulated and have no reason to be
anything other than happy. However my lethargic body seems to set a
tone that my emotional centre really can't disassociate from, no
matter what my brain says. I can only imagine the mental and emotional adjustment
that quadriplegics have to make after an accident.

I caAn't even blame things on the pain. The joint itself feels way
better than the old hip (or left one) already. In fact there isn't any
pain there, just lots of swelling and tightness. The real pain seems
to be in my hamstring and quad. Imagine you were given the worst
Charlie Horse of your life up the entire front of your thigh while at
the same time you tore your hamstring from your butt to the back of
your knee and you get a pretty good idea of what this feels like.
It's definitely tolerable but not a lot of fun. However as the leg
drains of blood and fluids the muscles are slowing returning to
normal. I am able to bare more weight now but will probably still be
using crutches for a few more days. I am looking forward to getting


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