Saturday, December 23, 2006

32 is the new black

It is official...I am now 32. Every little girl dreams of getting here and now I am finally solidly in my 30s.

Most of my birthday was celebrated yesterday. We were down in Point Roberts for the whole day (as opposed to today which consisted of a lot of running around and then heading into town for two Christmas parties). I woke up to a delicious breakfast and then went to a cafe for an hour or so for a latte and the NY Times. While I was gone, the little girls and the big girl (Eric, that is) made me a cake. I came back, ate cake, opened presents and we hung out all together.

Today, my REAL birthday, earned me a sleep in. Lucas and I slouched around in bed until 11! My and my NEW man, in bed together. Eric, my old man, made me breakfast again, pretty decent of him considering it was really almost lunch. We cleaned up a bit, then went in to do some Christmas dinner shopping...turkey etc.

We had two Xmas parties tonight. One at Andrew and Lori Rennison's, the second at the Dowlers. Both were very enjoyable and filled with tolerant guests who tried not to cast too many disapproving glances in our direction for keeping our kids out till after 11 o'clock. Hey, we have to party. Three kids can't slow us down. Well, that's a lie. They do slow us down but once in a while, we pretty ourselves up and drag ourselves out. It was a very nice night and the kids were great. All in all, a pretty terrific 32 hours to celebrate 32 very lucky, very happy years.

As an aside, my poor mum slipped down the stairs at the Dowlers and required stitches in her head. We were laughing about how 32 years ago she was in the hospital with me. Then we were REALLY laughing when we saw her come back to the party (what a good sport!) wearing a mesh beanie and bandages. Laughter heals. And, well, it was really funny. So even if laughter didn't heal, we couldn't have helped it anyway. Feel better mum, and thanks for giving me life!

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