Monday, December 18, 2006

We keep our children in a cupboard...and they don't have beds either

What with having a baby and all, there hasn't been much time to do our Christmas shopping. Now that we are a three child family, being reduced to one solitary child makes it seem like we are footloose and fancy free. Eric's mom took the girls out to Alli's house and so Lucas, Eric and I hit the town to charge up the credit card. It is amazing how at one time, shopping with a newborn seemed like a very tough task. Nowadays, one wee boy is a mere shopping accessory, strapped into a baby carrier and toted along with nary a thought. Slinging him around my neck was not much different than putting on a scarf. Wow, three kids have changed us...

We got a fair bit of shopping done, but if you are expecting a present from us this year, you might be disappointed. We are going pretty minimalist. It is amazing how closely connected how much you work is with how much money you have. Who knew?

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