Thursday, December 28, 2006

Point Bob, here we come

For the doldrums period between Christmas and New Years, we are heading down to Point Roberts to read the books we got from Santa (if you need a mental image, see the picture of Finny at Point Roberts to the right for inspiration).

As always, errands invade. We have a longish list of things to accomplish before we get to indulge our slothful selves. I shouldn't complain too much though, since one of my "chores" involves shoe shopping with my mom. She has offered to get me a new pair of shoes for my birthday, which is very nice since I have been wearing the same dog-earred, broke-down, beaten up pair of brown shoes since...probably Kindergarten or so. Maybe Grade 2. My feet rejoice. I will be accompanied by my newest shopping accessory--baby in sling--while Eric will take the girls swimming.

A few little errands after that and we are free to head South to drink cheap beer and work on crosswords and sudoku.

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