Saturday, December 16, 2006

Going into Lucas's second weekend!

It's Friday...whoo hoo! Alright. So every day is like a weekend for us at the moment. With Eric not working again until January, our days are filled with getting to know our newest member. So far, getting to know him consists of sitting close to him on the couch and observing his various eye twitches. Not exactly deep stuff, but man, this kid sleeps a lot. Still, no complaints here because it's better than ear-splitting screeches.

We got up early to make it to the girls' Aunt Mandy's house to decorate Christmas cookies. We were a production line. Mandy was making the cookie dough, Eric's mom was cutting out the cookie shapes, I was icing them, and Eric, Molly and Finley were eating all the sprinkles, icing, M&Ms, ju-jubes, chocolate chips and anything else sugary that wasn't tied down. Eric was the ringleader of the sugar-high crowd...his scarfing feats were unrivaled and proved a great inspiration to his two daughters.

We left after decorating almost all the cookies and plastering a gingerbread house with the goodies that escaped the gaping mouth that is my husband. This guy, who is 32 years old don't forget, had green lips and tongue. Seriously.

Eric got called into work a first-aid shift this evening, so the girls and boy and I hung out here. Another rockin' Friday night...for the mother of THREE. Weird.

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