Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas season is here

The day started with Les leaving Lucas for the first time. I had the three kids with me while Les used her maternity gift of an hour long professional massage. She really enjoyed pampering her body this way after months of strain carrying a large baby around. Lucas, who seems reluctant to make a fuss, did really well until hunger got the best of him and sucking on Dad's arm just didn't cut it. In the afternoon, the girls went with my mom for a swim at the Arbutus club. They came home to yet another dinner prepared by members of Heritage Co-op. The pork tenderloin, risotto and vegetables covered in Parmesan cheese and onion wine sauce was delicious. Thanks so much to everybody who contributed in the effort to feed the new parents. In the evening we saw most of the Canucks winning effort against Calgary before taking the whole family to the Echo Memoirs Christmas party.

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