Sunday, October 21, 2007

E-A long 36 hours

There's something about Point Robert that seems to change the way time passes. I guess it's not unique to the Point....but something we all feel when we go away to a cabin, but the change is more noticeable when you are less than half an hour from downtown. I don't know what it is..... the fireplace for heating...the absence of the internet and cable TV....the closet filled with board games and puzzles.....the big yard with piles of leaves to rake....the lack of streetlights or stores open in the evening....or if it is just a mental space we enter when we leave the city?

My point is though that a day and a half down at our cottage feels like a real break. We spent some time at the local library and got to our place in the early afternoon. One perk to having our cottage is being able to order cheap American goods online and not having to worry about shipping over the border. Our camera, which arrived from Amazon, was about 40% cheaper than it is currently on sale for at Future shop. The accessories, like a battery and memory card big enough for the camera are at least 60% cheaper shopping this way.

On Sunday Les and the kids played games and read by the fire while I went the Point Roberts Fire Department to practice my first aid skills with someone from my EMR class.


Julie Szabo said...

Les, are those new shoes? They're cool!

Ericandles said...

Rocket Dogs. On sale. They almost paid me to take them away.

Hey, I looked at pictures of the new place in!