Sunday, October 7, 2007

E- The underbite of determination!

Who would have thought that the Italians, or at least the Italians running my work site, would have so little fondness for Canadian Thanksgiving that we would be working all weekend? Actually, I would have predicted a certain ambivalence to our holidays.....having already seen their attitude towards B.C. and Canada Days. However, I know for sure they don't like paying a wage, which when stat pay is included, works out to 2 1/2 times our normal rate. I on the other hand kind of like making a decent hourly wage and am willing to eat my turkey a little bit earlier to be available for the night shift. It seems we have hit some big, unexpected boulders under Yale town and need to make some emergency repairs. Although we are a couple of months ahead of schedule, it is pretty easy to have things grind to a halt for a long period of time.

The camera I ordered online still hasn't arrived. Apparently the reason I got such a great deal is that they skimp on customer service........or worse yet.... they don't send the product at all. So I'm stuck with posting old pictures from Finny's first summer. It is hard to believe that this little lump of black haired baby is in anyway related to the precocious 3 year old she is now. Finny was a very subdued baby. Quiet, gentle and predictable. These are definitely not adjectives I would use to desribe her now. She is full of life, fun, can be rough but also sensitive at times, she loves to laugh, dance and wrestle.

When I think of her at this age though, my lasting mental image will be of her sliding her lower teeth past her upper ones to form a massive underbite of determination. This move, along with a certain steadfast look in her eye, signals that she is about to do something....... and she's not about to do it half-assed! Partly by instinct and partly through good guidance by a sweet and gentle older sister, Finny usually undertakes these moves of steely determination in an appropriate mannor. However, like most pre-schoolers, she doesn't always know where the line is. This results in time-outs up in her room and lots of apologies throughout the day. She is getting to be an expert at the insincere whisper of "Sorry Molly" that technically qualifies as an apology but conveys about as much remorse as OJ Simpson.

One of Finny and Molly's favorite activities is putting on YouTube videos and going crazy. It's either "Daddy, we want the Hippo" or "Daddy, put on the Ducky music please". When this happens Fin always does the underbite, without even realizing it. While they mostly dance to "In the Jungle", they love to ride on my back like a bucking bronco to the Ducky music by's quite a sight to see.

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