Saturday, October 13, 2007

E- Nice bike but....

The look on Finny's face says it all. "That's a great bike your grandparents gave you for your birthday....but when is it my turn to ride?"
Molly's 5th birthday consisted of being treated like royalty for 24 hours. She was taken out for breakfast at Solly's Bagels in the morning and then got to wear a birthday crown all afternoon in Kindergarten. She even had her mom come into the classroom to run the painting workshop for a little while.
After school we all went over to Judy and Bryan's place for a special Chicken pot pie dinner and Black Forest cake with Neapolitan ice cream. As well as a shiny new bike with training wheels and a horn, Molly got some skates and soccer boots.

On Friday, Molly had school in the morning...which seemed to come really early after partying late the night before. (Wow how our life is different now. It wasn't very long ago that an early morning was an 11am shooting practice the day after partying until 4 in the morning following a game.) A few friends from school joined us at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant for a make-your-own pizza party. We had never been before but it is a great place for families and worked really well for a party. Molly had 5 friends from school- Maya, Nathan, Jaliqua, Nina and Ella- plus her sister.

After the party we decided to take advantage of a rare cloudless fall day with a trip to the passport office. However, with an estimated wait of 2 1/2 hours, we drove to Stanley park and played at Lumberman's arch and Second Beach. We flew Molly's new kite, rode her bike and kicked her soccer ball. It was one of those beautiful afternoons where Vancouver seems so perfect..... but you also wish the sun would come out like this just a little more often.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Eric and Les, you should be so proud to have such lovely, lovable kids. Thanks for giving us a window into your world, your insight on life and parenting is enlightening!

Maire said...

Well written article.