Thursday, October 18, 2007

E-Only when you're young

The Flyers had their biggest win of the season on Friday with a 10-2 beating of the Hawks. In an amazing testament to the talent of line mates Andrew Rennison and Jamie Mullan, our line managed to put up 8 goals despite my obvious hockey shortcomings. It was a fun game!

However, a late ice time and a body pumped full of adrenaline do not make for a good night's sleep.....and I didn't get one. So when the week started at 7am Monday morning, I was already feeling a little behind in sleep. I spent the day in class at the Justice Institute in New Westminster upgrading my first aid skills to the Emergency Medical Responder level, which qualifies me to work for BC Ambulance service. The class finished with just enough time to let me drive home, shower and get to work. I worked Monday night shift from 6pm until 6am. Of course this was the night that I responded to a first aid incident that required a trip to the Emergency at VGH.

I got off work Tuesday at 6am, went home, ate and then back to the course in New West for a day in the class. It was only the coffee and fast pace of the course that kept me awake. Work on Tuesday night was followed by the course the next morning, leaving me pretty fried by 5pm Wednesday. I still had enough energy left to go for a swim and dinner at the Arbutus Club. The day ended with a late Co-op meeting about the development scheduled across the street from our home.

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