Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooktacular Fun

Wow, kindergarten in the morning makes for a long day. It is a huge difference getting out of school at 11:25 versus 3:00. Having said that, it is an equally huge difference between getting to school at 8:42 versus 12:35. We managed a full Hallowe'en Day o' Fun. After school, the kids went for a swim and we had lunch. Then, off to the pumpkin patch. You have to take advantage of sunny, sunny days in the rainforest. And hey, if you ever have the urge to dance with a giant plush strawberry, have I got the place for you!

The pumpkin patch was a harvest paradise, albeit slightly more expensive than you might think...mind you, who ever said paradise was cheap, right? There was live music and a hay ride to the pumpkins. Then you have your pick. It was one of those idyllic scenes, you know...the ones you picture on the day you find out you are pregnant with your first baby. Of course, there's always a little dose of parenting reality in there. You gotta keep it real. Our Three Children Reality Check came in the form of Finny bailing in a big mud puddle. She turned into a whimpering puddle herself for about ten minutes. Then she shook it off.

Meanwhile, Molly and I wandered the mudfield looking for a pumpkin (or punkman, as she calls them) that SPOKE to her (seriously). We found one. I don't know what it was saying but it sure wasn't, "I am the most beautiful punkman here." More like..."Gee, I am deeply unsymmetrical and a little rotten on the bottom...kinda caved in and pretty dirty..." But there was no dissuading Moll from the one that was calling her to take it home. We have the punkman only a Molly could love.

And, just in case the Day O' Fun didn't seem complete, this evening after Eric went to work, the kids and I got dressed up and went to the Lord Tennyson School Hallowe'en Howl. It was packed! The girls loved seeing all the kids in costumes, although Molly didn't understand why you would look scary when you could look beautiful. She is consistent, that girl of mine.

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Cristina Herman said...

Ok, I have to tell you Les - the pumpkin patch just hours before you were there was absolutely freezing and I swear much muddier. The pics of my kids have them covered in mud... covered! What's your secret? Ting