Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Despite my best efforts, I have fallen behind in blogging. 

I am in our hotel room in Fort Myers and tonight is our last night in Florida. We leave tomorrow morning bright and early. 

Somehow, however, the blog is still in Marathon at our rental house. 

I will do a couple of catch up posts. 

Our rental house for the week was right on the ocean. The pool was only a couple of feet from the waterline. In order to swim in the ocean, we had to climb down a ladder off the dock, since the shoreline was protected by a concrete slab.

The kids only swam in the ocean in front of the house once. We kayaked a few times, too. 

Here's Finny ready to snorkel.

Eric was the dive master, ensuring the kids didn't drown or get attacked by a giant fish.

The water was really clear and warm, but you had to keep your shoes on in the water because there was some coral and lots of barnacles.

Finny quickly got the hang of the snorkel. She used the pool noodle to stay afloat. She saw hundreds of  fish, including a few big ones.

The kayak was fun to paddle up and down the shore. Finny and I saw a turtle while we were out one afternoon.

We spent some time one afternoon cracking some of the coconuts on the property. They were tough nuts to crack. Eric used a drill, but they still took a beating. It would be a way better activity if the end result were better. I have to admit that despite all the purported health benefits of coconut water, I think it's disgusting.

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