Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney World Hollywood Studios Day 4 (Day 3 was Eric and me at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

After yesterday and our day of anniversary fun (thanks for babysitting, Jane!), Eric and I were back on the family fun agenda for today.

We had a leisurely breakfast in our condo, then headed out to Hollywood Studios for the day.

First stop was the Stunt Show, with a surprise visit by Lightening McQueen. The show was great and the driving was incredible. I think Eric will go to bed tonight dreaming of the life of a stunt driver. Maybe I should take over driving our rental car for a couple of days. You know, remove the temptation to drive donuts in reverse...

Or try this...

Today was less about rides and more about shows. I lost track of how many we watched. Strangely, this has changed Lukey for the worse for the rides. We went on the most benign "ride" journey through movie history. He cried. And hide his eyes. Through a Mary Poppins section...we may have wrecked him through a couple of more alarming rides. It's hard to predict though...he is a trooper for some very scary rides. 

The Muppet Movie in 3D was one of my favourites. Waldorf and Astoria are the best. Here we are outside of the movie, posing in front of the muppet fountain.

You know, I am not sure what happened here. Lukey had a rock star moment. He jumped up and struck this pose. Look at Finny's face. She is as surprised as I was.

We are standing in front of the faux front New York cityscape. The whole thing only extends a couple of feet behind us. It looked cool in person too, not just in a picture. Eric says, "I told you I would take you to New York..." I will state here categorically that THIS DOES NOT COUNT.

The girls posed with Walt Disney. They are pretty impressed with this guy.

This was the Beauty in the Beast show. Again, the quality was great.

The Fantasmic show was also fantastic. It was a chilly night here tonight. I was cool in my light sweater and shorts. Bummer. Tomorrow, we are back to 82 degrees. Phew.

More Fantastmic.

In continuing my theme of Molly Sad Face pictures...this is a new one. Molly decided that she was going to put her foot down and NOT go on the Tower of Terror with us. She was sad about it. She said she was a rotten apple, getting soft. She wanted to go a little bit, but she wanted not to go even more.

She didn't go. The Sad Face you see below is NOT the face she made when she was thinking about going. Oh no.

It is the face she made when we came back from the ride. This is the Sad Face she gets when she regrets missing a fun ride. It even looks a little mad, don't you think?

I love these pictures and I am already planning a montage for our wall.

Finally, we were lucky to catch the first night of the Osborne Family Christmas Light display. Apparently, this guy kept getting more and more ornate light displays and he finally drove his neighbours insane. Instead of packing away his incredible display, he moved it to Disney. It was insanity. The pictures do no do it justice. The negative of this light display was the accompanying carols. That felt wrong.

Lukey tried on a Yoda backpack. This picture makes me laugh. Yoda seems to love our Lou.

Continuing the theme of our family trying on hats...this is Eric as Chewbacca. Also funny. That's a light sabre under his chin.

You will be shocked to discover that this is a self-timer shot. Still, it has all six of us.

Tomorrow, on to the Magic Kingdom for Day of Fun Number 5!

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