Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The fun continues...

We took a day off on Sunday, which I will blog about later (the pictures won't upload for some reason...).

No rest for the wicked, though. We went back to the work of the pursuit of leisure with a new vigor and focus. Our sixth (and final) day of amusement park fun was spent back at Epcot. We only covered the World Showcase on our first go, so we had a lot of ground to cover.

Unfortunately, we were one man down on our way in to battle. Eric dropped his mom at the airport and the kids and I headed into the park alone. Then Eric headed to the mall to buy an he took a little while. 

We didn't have too much trouble filling the time while he was gone. Donald, the kids' new dad, helped.

We tried MORE hats...because I am sure you aren't sick of that yet...

The kids wanted me to take pictures of them in a peaceful pose. I figured it was rare enough to be picture-worthy.

They look so serious when they are at peace.

Except Finny...

We ran into Snow White. Finny found a lot of fault with her appearance. Her hair wasn't right and neither were her teeth. Or her voice.

The day was an absolute scorcher, so I got the kids a mango smoothie. They descended on it like lions on a fresh kill. It was like Animal Kingdom all over again.

In our last instalment of the Molly ride face. She has finally reconciled herself to just saying no to the scary rides. This was the Test Track. She'd been on once and she put her foot down. She only regretted it a tiny bit.

Much more up her alley...paper making! She was more excited about this than almost anything.

She was enthralled.

Even waiting for the paper to dry was thrilling!

While we did that...Finny and Eric designed their own ride, then rode it in simulation. Molly and I did it too, but I had to hide the fact that we were going upside down twice. It was a classic scene of "look over there", while I adjusted the ride to include loops. She loved it. After the fact.

We also played a great game called the Great Piggy Bank Race. We had to learn how to save money and carried around a real pig to measure our success. It was hilarious. Here is Molly sticking Porkchop into the measuring tube.

This is Finny holding George.

The Seas section was excellent.

We rode clamobiles.

There were real fish mixed with tremendous technology to great effect. I loved it.

Turtle Talk with Crush was amazing. It was animated but live and interactive. And hilarious.

Oh, then Bruce the shark ate the children. They were terrified. All except Lukey, who accpeted his demise with great excitement.

The Illuminations show was a great way to end our Disney run. Even though my expectations were really high, our experience exceeded them. What an awesome week.

Our holiday shifted gears that night to the next part of our holiday...beach fun. We had packed up from the Blue Heron condo and decamped to a hotel (of horror) in Cocoa Beach. We were excited to embark on our new adventure, but a little disturbed to share digs with the less savoury residents of Florida. Unless you are into open sores and beer at 10:30 in the morning (and she was behind the wheel of a car...).

Anyway, we left there quickly. Cocoa Beach was amazing. We stopped at Ron Jon Surf Shop and Walmart to get our beach gear and then hit the sand and surf.

Here are the kids sitting on Ron Jon's surfboard bench.

There was much fun had trying on the five toed shoes.

Alright...even I did it.

Gorgeous Florida flower. I know it isn't really relevant, but look at it. So pretty!

Finally at the beach!

Our surf girls.

And pool noodle boy...

There was amazing surf and the sand felt like corn starch between our toes. The only negative...I was reminded of my favourite childhood Florida game of scratching sand out of different cracks and crevices of my body. And the scalps of It was great to see this tradition passed to the next generation.

You can scan through these pictures pretty quickly. Get used to them...there are more where these ones came from...a lot of beach pictures are in your future.

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Anonymous said...

So many comments competing for space today!

First, we are MISSING you, but I'm so happy to give you all up to these happy, happy days. What a memory-maker for your littles.

Um, and at the risk of being inappropriate (when has that ever stopped me?), can I just say: Eric. Hubba. Hubba.

And lastly, "open sores and beer at 10:30 a.m." -- I'm not there. Am I?