Monday, June 2, 2014

E- I'm sooo excited!

I'm soooo excited to go to the circus, aren't you Daddy?  

I was asked that question at least twice a week in the last five months since I gave Fin tickets to Totem by Cirque Du Soleil for Christmas. I like a well done yah, I was excited...but it's hard to match our little girl's zest for these type of things. 

It makes it really fun to go with her on these type of adventures. She's a great companion, making interesting observations and good conversation. On the day of....she went from sooo excited to SOOOOO EXCITED!  

After spring basketball class at False Creek, a quick swim and dinner with the Warringtons, we headed downtown to the big yellow tents lining False Creek. 

The show was incredible. Unbelievable talent mixed with top notch production, where every sound and movement was tightly choreographed. Finny was ecstatic. I loved it too. A fantastic way to spend one my last evenings with a nine year old girl. 

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