Monday, June 2, 2014

Sports Day 2014...Go Red!

There are a few things that make me realize how long we've had this blog. Sports Day is one of them. I feel like I blog about Sports Day approximately every six weeks, but it only happens once a year. I guess time really flies by...

There were rumours this year that teams would be mixed up and...gasp...we might even change colours or break up family groups. Deep sigh of relief...this didn't happen. We remained in our little Butler-dominated red group and toured the school grounds with the Warringtons (green) and the Brauns (blue)...just like we always have. Phew!

Lukey is now no longer a little-kid liability on our team. He is a competitive force and he adds quite a bit to the cause. 

If Finny could immediately become a Grade Seven and lead the group, she would. In any case, she sort of tried as a Grade Four to take over from the one Grade Seven girl and two Grade Sixes (one of whom was Molly, obviously).

Molly is the perfect Sports Day participant. She likes to try hard, but she mostly wants to have fun and laugh a lot.

Team picture at the Islands station. This is where Finny really flexes her delegation might. She was yelling directions left and right. I might have told her to tone it down a bit, but they actually really needed her loud voice and clear directions...

We didn't win this year, but settled for a solid second place. The rain held off and the clouds meant we weren't boiling hot. It was maybe a touch windy, but no complaints here. Sports Day 2014 is in the record books and now we can look forward to next year...the last one that will see Team Butler intact (Molly's last year of elementary school). Better bring tissues for that one...I will be a mess!

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