Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Collection of Happenings

One of the huge advantages of being at home, instead of working in an office, is the opportunity to go on field trips with the kids. I get to know their classmates, teachers and other parents. I also get to see cool stuff and experience great things around the city. 

My most recent trip was with Finny's class to the Museum of Anthropology and the longhouse out at UBC. She has such a lovely group of kids in her grade and an incredible teacher this year. It was a treat. 

In other, unrelated news, Finny went to the birthday party of the century. I won't go into detail (there were a lot of details), but it involved an overnight to Fircom camp on Gambier Island, about 194 things she came home with, and a trip to and from the water taxi in a pink limo. It was epic.

Finny with Sofie Roux, the birthday girl.

Another big event in the last little while was Finny's massive bail at track practice. It was a Wednesday and they were working on hurdles. Another kid ran into Finny's lane, which threw off her spacing and she ended up hooking her foot on the hurdle and flipping face first onto the track. No hands down, just straight onto her eye socket.

I got the call from her coach. Finny had fallen on her face. Being a little squeamish when it comes to my own kids, I sent Eric. By later that evening, I decided it would be a good idea to make a quick trip to Children's Hospital to make sure she didn't have a concussion or a break on her eye socket or cheekbone. A quick trip it was NOT. And poor Finny...she waited all that time to get her cut scrubbed out and cleaned very painfully. She hated it, but I think it helped with the healing, which has been incredible.

Thursday (the next day), she had a mini meet at school and basketball at the Club. She made a good decision for herself and decided to sit both out.

Since she'd made a good choice for herself the day before, I trusted her instincts about running in a track meet for the Thunderbirds the next day. She wasn't too sure about the 1000m, since her face felt "funny", but she wanted to try the hurdles. Which I thought was amazing, since she'd hurt herself badly about 36 hours earlier...doing hurdles.

The picture below is at the start of her hurdle race. She was nervous, but maybe not as nervous as I was...

She did all her events. Even the 1000m. The kid is tough.

On another note, the kids school did something really neat this year. The whole school put on a Humanica fair, basically each teacher presented something their class had done in social studies and the kids all walked around and looked at each other's work.

Finny's teacher is, as I stated above, amazing. He turned their classroom into an Inuit village in the Arctic. It had a stream, complete with paper mache salmon. The kids were stationed around the room, engaged in activities that would have occurred in the village. Finny was sewing caribou skins into parkas. There were throat singers, hunting demonstrations and was amazing.

Lukey's class presented button blankets they'd made and longhouses they'd constructed.

Lukey and Danica.

I missed getting a picture of Molly's excellent Austria project, but she did a great job of pulling together info on one of her favourite countries. She had pictures, lots of info and even authentic Lederhosen, thanks to our friend Luki Hrdlicka.

Lastly, Eric and I had a treat last night. Our friend Simon Warrington was playing at the Fairview pub. His band, Threadsafe, played the opening set. I decided that if we could go out and see friends play live music, we'd go out a lot more. It was awesome.

Randomness complete. 

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