Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Strike fun

Les 'n' Larry days are the best. With school letting out a little early this year due to the job action, Larissa and I took the kids out for a couple of days of fun (we also hit Fort Langley...I have to see if I can find those pictures and post about that on it's own). 

It's crazy that sometimes having eight kids and two adults works better than just hanging out with just our own kids...

We sent all the girls in their own paddle boat and then took the boys with us.

We learned that these girls cannot steer. At all.

And Lukey learned something, too. My favourite Lukey quote was "I learned something today...paddle boating looks like fun. But it isn't."

Well, tell us how you really feel, Lou...

To wrap up our day, we stopped by Mrs. Cotter's house for tea and a snack. When she heard we were going to be in Burnaby, she asked us to come by...which pretty much sums up why teachers (most of them) are truly amazing. We had a lovely visit and I was able to beg one more time for Lukey to be in her class in September (which must have worked, because he was put in her class...).

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