Sunday, July 8, 2007

E- Wonky thermostats

Summer has finally arrived and none to soon. The last four days were hot and sunny, perfect for spending down in Point Roberts, out in the yard and at the beach. Brady, Lisa, Jaeli and Rylan came down from Kelowna to stay with us from Saturday until Monday. Soon after arriving, we set up the killer whale slide which kept the kids entertained for hours. It's amazing how a 3 foot long slippery surface can provide enough fun and adrenaline to make kids oblivious to the freezing cold tap water for hours on end! We headed to Judy and Bryan's place later in the day to be able to barbecue while the kids played on the beach. Brady and I took the kids for a walk along the beach after dinner. They scrambled along logs, dug in the sand and found all sorts of shells and rocks to bring home. After about 20 minutes of walking we figured we had better turn back before everybody got too tired. Within seconds of this thought, tears came separately to Molly, Fin and Rylan. Jaeli had enough of all the noise and decided to run home.

On Sunday morning Les was on the Point Roberts garden tour, so I was in charge of entertaining the rest of the troops. Maple beach can be incredibly beautiful and enjoyable as the tide-waters pour in and warm up over the couple of kilometers of sand flats that make up Boundary Bay. However, our timing was a little off. Some morning wind and clouds combined with a fairly high tide to make our trip to the beach a little chilly. I gave the kids a ride in our dingy but apparently they are only oblivious to cold in very specific water sport environments.

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