Thursday, July 5, 2007

E- A good commute?

This week I have experimented with commuting between Point Roberts and Vancouver. With all 4 of my shifts at night, I have been able to spend my days at the Point with Les and the kids, who have been there full time for the last week. The weather has been fantastic and I deem the experiment a success. Even though I only have off 12 hours between shifts, the day somehow seems a lot longer when it is spent outdoors away from televisions, phones and computers.

Yesterday we attended the 4th of July parade and celebrations before teaching the girls how to conduct a water fight. I can already imagine this coming back to haunt Les or me when one of the kids decides to soak us with the hose as we peacefully and obliviously read our books.

Today I played out in the yard for a couple of hours with the kids while Les took her first parenting break in way too long. The girls loved playing with the sprinkler and on a wet trampoline after the initial shock of the cold water wore off. In the late afternoon we took a soft taco picnic to the beach hoping to see the Orcas who feed just off the shore at this time of year. We didn't time things right to see any whales but the kids displayed no let down when they found a dead crab instead.

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