Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who can beat a title like Debocceri?

Eric, who has been a blogging machine, has done a fantastic job of updating the blog with details of our stay down in Point Roberts. As I sit in front of the computer here in town, with heat rising off our deck in waves, our time in Point Roberts seems like a pastoral dream.

As an aside, the girls, bizarrely, are on the couch watching a movie...with BLANKETS wrapped around them! Maybe Eric's observations about their temperature inconsistencies are just the tip of the iceberg...? Speaking of icebergs, maybe our blanket-wrapping-in-the-heat-of-summer kids are the perfect modern offspring...immune to the heat of global warming? Anyway...

Our last day in Point Roberts was just our family. It seemed quiet after so many guests and so much excitement. So, in an effort to keep the energy level high, Eric and Molly hatched an evil plan:

Picture me: sheltered in the cool shade of the front porch, cradling a hot and cuddly baby in my arms, reading a book. Along comes the picture of innocence. Molly, with love and tenderness in her eyes, approaches and tells me to close my eyes. Oh, my heart swells. She is bringing me some thirst quenching treat! A popsicle, a drink... Instead, when I open my eyes Moll is gone and so is Lukey's car seat, which had been at my feet. Weird.

Or diabolical.

Seconds later, two high powered water...rockets, there is no other word, shoot around the corner and absolutely drench me. Undeterred by the wee babe in my arms, I chase the smaller culprit (Molly) and tackle her. One rocket is now mine. I deposit baby in a safe spot, then go on the attack. In the ensuing battle, I uncharacteristically WIN. Both Eric and Molly were wetter than me. Hah! Until we all ended up in the kids' pool. Then we were all wet.

Finny was inside and missed the whole fight. The look on her face when she came out and saw everyone (Eric included) in the pool, with their clothes on, was hilarious. A true double take.

I piled everyone inside a ran a warm bath to wash off the grass. I bundled Lukey up in towels (what is nicer than a chubby, clean, cellulite covered baby thigh?) and wandered outside to find a still soaking Eric on the hammock. He looked so peaceful (in utter defeat).

Eric looked up at me from the hammock and said, "It just doesn't get any better than-" SNAP!

Well, karma will get you every time. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. That's what you get for an unprovoked sniper attack on a defenseless mother. That, and an embarrassing defeat. In front of your daughter. Beautiful.

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