Thursday, July 26, 2007

E- Hysterical laughter

I have re-entered the waiting game (see June 4th). I have to say that I am getting better at the game too. I had a firefighting interview earlier in the week. While I am hopeful and very excited about the possibility of a job, I also know that this might not work out. My experience has taught me not to get too worked up about the possibility, but just try to enjoy the suspense. Okay- I still struggle to "enjoy" this feeling but I can envisage the day when I look back on my current undefined, open path in life with a certain nostalgia.

As seems to be typical in the summer, there have been lots of things to keep my mind off the waiting game. At Point Roberts we had Bill and Carol, our Canadian neighbours, over for some BBQ'd chicken. The night before my Dad came down for some burgers, a bonfire and some time with his Grandson. We celebrated Judy's birthday at their beach house. Bryan and I managed to get the little tin boat in the water and the motor set up in time to give Judy a birthday cruise. Remarkably, the motor, which probably hadn't been run in 2 years, started on the very first pull!

Today Les took the kids out to a study at the child psychology centre at UBC in the morning and participated herself in an IPSOS Reid discussion group in the evening. In between we took the kids to for a swim at the Arbutus Club and had picnic pizza dinner with the Bowman family from our Co-op. Whether it was from the silliness of having their Mom squirt whip-cream right into their mouths or if it was from the copious amount of Nitrous Oxide they inhaled as the bottle ran out, the kids seemed to laugh themselves into hysterics. Oh well, kids inebriated with laughter makes the waiting more fun.

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