Friday, July 6, 2007

Wet and Wild

This was Lukey this morning during his bath al fresco on our balcony. He was pretty thrilled at being able to water all the (damaged and abused) plants with his energetic thrashing and splashing. Naked. In the sunlight. Wet. Can't we all just wish we were seven months old for a moment? If I fit in that tiny tub...and wouldn't know, arrested...for doing the same thing...,... Let's just leave that pleasure to a vicarious one, right?

Not to be outdone, the girls insisted on some splashing of their own. We rigged up the co-op wading pool (and for those of you rolling your eyes, yes it is co-op of us). Eric and I played medieval servants to the two surly princesses and hauled multiple bowls, kettles and watering cans full of warm water to supplement the chilly hose. Those soft-shelled little crabbies were demanding. Once we got to a suitable temperature, they were slipping and sliding around joyfully.

And as an homage to five years of married life (July 6th, 2002), we did what everyone does for their anniversary--we ordered lunch special Chinese food and ate at our picnic table. Marital bliss? You bet. I'll take take-out and true happiness any time.

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