Tuesday, November 3, 2009

E- Jolly Rogering

We finished day 2 just like day 1....in the van at Walmart. I know it
sound horrible but the the van is surpisingly comfortable, quiet and
private with all the curtains up. After breakfast we hit the road
again and reached LA in the middle of the afternoon heat. It must have
been about 30 degrees as we drove along Sunset Boulevard through
Hollywood and Beverley Hills. However, by the time we got within a
kilometre of the coast the temperature dropped by close to 15 degrees
and a thick fog reduced visisbilty to next to nothing. Although it put
a quick end to any ideas we had of going in the water, we did manage
to entertain ourselves on Santa Monica peer and beach for a couple of

We finished the day by driving right past the Anaheim Walmart and
getting a hotel across the street from Disneyland. We have some big
adventure days ahead of us and need a well rested crew....not to
mention some showers were in order. Before calling it a night, the
kids and I went for a swim in the Jolly Roger pool and all had a
pretty good Mexican dinner at a little hole in the wall across from
the park.

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