Thursday, November 19, 2009

A penny for your thoughts...

We were walking through Caeser's Palace last night on our epic Strip
exploration (wow, distances are huge between the super-casinos). We
passed a fountain and the kids asked for pennies to toss. I gave them
each one coin and watched them chuck them into the water (Finny always
tries to fire her pennies off of a statue or something, banking them
into the fountain). The girls rushed back to give me hints about what
they wished for as they tossed their coin. Lukey listened and then,
realizing that he'd missed the point, rushed over to me to say, "I
didn't know about wishin'. I need another penny!" I handed it over.
When he came back, I couldn't resist asking him what he'd wished for.
What do nearly three year olds want, I wondered. He pointed to the
revolving doors we'd just come through. "Revolving doors?" I asked.
"Yeah! Revolving doors in our house!", he shouted.

Wish on, little buddy.
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