Sunday, November 29, 2009


The kids are on a crazy schedule. It's like summer all over again. Natural body rhythms have taken over. Our evenings are extended. Molly and Finny should be tired. They had a busy day skating at Robson Square with a great family friend.

The girls are in bed and have been for some time now. They are having problems falling asleep. I keep yelling up to them to be quiet. After quick spurts of obeying, they keep NOT being quiet. Just a moment ago, Finny burst into very loud tears. I called up to ask why. Here is what I heard:

M: "Finny is upset because I told her that fairies hear everything!"

Me: "...? Huh?"

M: "She said that Santa is smarter than the Tooth Fairy!! The Tooth Fairy hears that for SURE!" [fresh and intense wailing from Finny]

What has followed (and continues now) is a lengthy conversation about the nature of fairies and if they have feelings, or bear grudges. I am at a loss...

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