Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not the best day to be the average girl at the pool...

Eric mentioned in his last post that there was a large scale invasion of bikini-clad bodies on one of our days by the pool of the Golden Nugget. Hilariously, he didn't realize until I mentioned it a couple of days ago that it WASN'T just female competitors at the was a co-ed competition and there were tons of male bodybuilders on site. Somehow he missed that.

Anyway, it was an odd day to be a normal girl poolside. Here you can see a picture of me...wearing jeans. My wee animal print mirco-kini was wet, you see. Plus, I wasn't all that happy with my last spray tan lines.

The truth is, I would much rather have all three kids piled on my lap while I relax and read a book. I may not have had a rock hard six-pack set of abs...I had a three-pack of love to cuddle.

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