Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E-Sunday in Anaheim

It is now our last day in LA. Although we have had a great time, I
feel ready for a break. Starting on Wednesday we did Disneyland,
Universal, Disneyland, Universal and now California adventure on
Sunday. Les and I have done pretty much every ride and Finny and
Molly have done about half of them. The California screamin' coaster
stood out to me as the best ride and The Simpsons was good but really
weird. The rest of the family said

Finny- Splash mountain
Molly- Alice in Wonerland, Winnie the Pooh, Grizzly River, Aladin
Jane- Pirates of the Caribbean
Dave- Jurasic Park, Big Thunder Mountain
Les- California Screamin' , Splash Mountain

We had a great dinner last night at the Fire and Ice grill with my
parents. It was warm enough to eat out on the patio and the food was
fantastic. Like the Mongolian grill with a huge cooking place and bar
of seafood, steak, chicken, vegetables and sauces We ate plenty of
food and drank Coronitas (who knew there was a name for little
Coronas) for a couple of hours before walking back to the hotel.

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