Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E- Powell River, Pender Harbour, Gibsons, Vancouver

Reluctantly leaving the Copeland Islands, we headed off in the early afternoon for Powell River, where we enjoyed one of the best pizza's we've had in a long time.....or maybe it just seemed that way because we had been mostly living on the remnant scraps of food left over in the boat.  Got to love all the preservatives in those hotdogs! 

With almost perfect weather and a relatively problem free trip, we have had a great introduction to boating.  There are lots of little boat improvements that could make life more comfortable, but for the most parts they are just minor.  However, storing and keeping food cold is a pretty big one.  Anybody who has had a prolonged camping trip with a big cooler knows what I am talking about.  The cooler starts the trip clean and cold and the food is well preserved.  Shortly the ice melts, water starts creeping into the meat bags and butter, inevitably ground beef "juice" leaks into the mix and the whole thing looks about as appetizing as the septic tank.  

It was almost sunset by the time we pulled into the Pender Harbour resort and marina.  In the morning I took the kids to the pool while Les did more writing.  She really did a great job of getting up early most mornings so that she could have 6 hours of writing done by noon, and still be around to enjoy the rest of the day with the family.  Jim, Jacquie and Patricia Hall met us in Garden Bay for a tour around the Harbour and then lunch at the pub.  With a late afternoon departure and strong headwinds, we only headed down the coast for an hour before we pulled into Buchaneer Bay on Thormanby Island.   It was hard to tear the kids away from the beautiful sand, so once again we didn't eat until after dark, which is almost 10pm at this time of year.  

Lunch with the Halls at Garden Bay Pub
Pender Harbour touring too long for Lucas
Sunset on Buchaneer Bay

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