Sunday, July 11, 2010

Right now

Above, you can see what I see right now. The kids are in Hour Three in the pool today. Yesterday we recognized a family from the girls' school who had just pulled into this little paradise (which is beginning to remind us of the Pink Palace on much as we wanted to leave and explore the rest of Greece, the lure of nightly dinners and ouzo provided impossible to escape. The rest of Greece remains a mystery). We have been here for two nights and we just booked our third. We may never leave.

It was hilarious to see the girls recognize the boy from their school. He just graduated from Grade 7 and was a bit of a star around school. In fact, Molly mentioned something the other day about how the school would seem different next year because the grade sevens would be missing and she mentioned this kid by name (the only one, actually). When he walked in the pool area yesterday and they spotted him, it was as if a celebrity had entered our midst. The air changed and the girls were jittery and on edge. When Eric went up and introduced us, Molly almost died when he knew her name.

Since then, they have been playing with him and his younger sister, but it still has the feeling of eating lunch next to Brad Pitt for them.

Lukey and Eric are playing water basketball with the boys and Molly and Finny are playing swimming games with the girls. Happiness.

For me too. I am reading Olive Kitteridge, which I am loving.

Cortes, we love you.

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